5 Time-Tested Truths About Life After My Corporate Job

I recently read an article in Inc. that highlighted 11 truths that held up after leaving a corporate job. As I read each point, I wholeheartedly agreed with the author’s experience! It has been five years since I started my own advisory and consulting company, ISH-Productions. And yes, just like t

The Coaching Connection: One to One or One to Many

In my first year as a business owner of ISH-Productions, one of my clients asked if I would consider coaching and mentoring their newly appointed Marketing Manager. I was flattered at his proposal and so I took on my first coaching engagement. I’ll admit that, at first, I wasn’t sure if this was

Branding as a Noun

By definition, “branding” is a verb. When it comes to branding from a marketing perspective, it is a noun: person, place or thing. The parallels are unmistakably apparent. Person = Personal branding Place = Company branding Thing = Product or service branding Each aspect of branding has its own

ISH’s Own, Michelle Mariola, Featured in VoyageChicago

I was recently interviewed by VoyageChicago, an online media publication with its hand on the pulse of all things from events to influencers that blend Chicago’s cultural tapestry, to tell my story and the story of my business, ISH-Productions. While I’m not the first entrepreneur to encourage o

Women Who March: Meet 4 Women of Reinvention

This month marks four years since I started my own branding, marketing and leadership development company, ISH-Productions, Inc. Four years! This also happens to be the month of the annual Women’s March and so I’ve had working women on my mind. As I reflect on my four years of being a female Sol

Finding Focus: Map Your Meaning

As we begin a new year it seemed like an opportune time to write about the importance of making sure we account for the things in our life that underscore what we stand for, what we believe in, and what fulfills us most. It is those (sometimes little) things that fuel our minds and souls […]

Book by Book: My Year of Evolution

As I approach my fourth year consulting and advising emerging to mid-market companies, I’m pleasantly surprised by the evolution of my skills and services. Books have long been a guiding source for me to learn, improve, and broaden my perspective. This year, in particular, there are several books

Personal Branding – Part II: Running With Raven

Since my blog post last year about a streak runner, Robert “Raven” Kraft, I have completed two additional eight mile runs with him. Additionally, he’s been featured in a number of articles, media interviews, logged 125,000 miles, and is the subject of a new book, RUNNING WITH RAVEN. The author